McKinney-Vento Support

The McKinney-Vento ϳԹless Assistance Act defines homelessness as lacking a "fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence."  The primary goals for the McKinney-Vento program are to ensure that each homeless student has equal access to public education and help remove any barriers toward student success. 

Who is homeless according to the McKinney-Vento Act?

Children, youth and/or families are homeless if they are:

  • living doubled up with another family due to loss of housing or other hardship;
  • staying in shelters, including domestic abuse shelters; or
  • living in locations such as abandoned buildings, cars, hotels, motels, or parks.

What do I do if I am homeless?

Contact the district's ϳԹless Coordinator to assist you with arranging services and meeting your needs.

What do I do if I am forced to move from my home?

Parents should do the following:

  • contact the district's ϳԹless Coordinator to keep your child in the school they were attending before you moved or to receive assistance with enrollment in your child's new school;
  • contact your school to discuss needs to help your child succeed; and
  • ask the ϳԹless Coordinator for assistance to secure food, clothing, and school supplies.

How can the ϳԹless ϳԹ Program (HEP) help?

The HEP explains rights and helps provide the following services at no cost:

  • enrollment assistance, including obtaining required school and medical records such as immunization;
  • transportation (when eligible);
  • free breakfast/lunch;
  • tutorial programs;
  • books and school supplies;
  • waiver of school fees;
  • referral to social service agencies, community resources, and other related services available to homeless families in need; and
  • assistance with the appeal process if you feel your rights have been denied.

Additional Resources for Families

Staff Contact

 Patricia Lane

   Family Liaison/McV./Foster

   District's ϳԹless Coordinator

   (478) 741-3610 Ext. 1310